Thermal Imaging

Peter Grace Electrical uses quality Fluke Infrared Imaging technology.
Infrared Thermal Scans can locate faults & hotspots before they become major issues. We offer Infrared thermal scans, either stand alone, or in conjuction with scheduled switchboard maintenance inspections to ensure the best possible result for switchboard maintenance.
With over 20 years experience in the Electrical and HVAC Industries, we have the technology and expertise you need.

Thermal Image Example 1

Image 1 shows a contactor with no visible faults.
Image 2 shows the same contactor under the infrared
spectrum, clearly showing a major overheating
problem that was not visible to the naked eye.

Thermal Image Example 2


Infrared imaging is also useful when it comes to Mechanical Services equipment

The first Image shows an open drive motor.

The second image shows the front bearing at a much higher temperature than the rear bearing